Posted by: Jessie Kwak | September 2, 2009

El Salvador looks quite nice…

…through the scratched glass window panes of the San Salvador International Airport.  Beyond the TACA equipment parking lot, the oil-stained tarmac and the two runways we can see the jungle stretching out flat and low.  It looks so dense, so rich in comparison to the barren airport grounds.  From the airplane I saw that we’re close to the sea, but that’s out of view now.

Somehow a brilliant orange butterfly has made it across the trials of the asphalt desert to flit from time to time in front of our window.  It’s the size of my palm, and I wish it had somewhere nearby to land so I could see it more clearly.  That’s the problem with butterflies–they rarely give you a chance to admire them fully, and instead you’re just given a tantalizing glimpse.

We’re an hour and a half into our second layover, with five and a half more to go.  I was able to get a few hours nap time in on the flight from San Francisco, but Rob is exhausted and trying to make himself comfortable here, despite the constant bombardment of the first thirty seconds of the same Alan Jackson song.  It’s like some terrible torture parody.

“Talkin’ ’bout cars and dreamin’ ’bout wimmin….”

Maybe it’s time to move along–Gate 8 seems to be possessed.



  1. This is great!! We are able to share the trip with the two of you. Keep it coming!
    Have a wonderful adventure!! I love you both!
    Grandma C

  2. Grandpa doing well after 1st surgery, no pain, spent afternoon at the house with us…Hope Robert gets some rest..miss you..Mom&Larry

  3. What a great adventure! Love being able to follow you as you go. Love you, Aunt Pat

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