Posted by: Jessie Kwak | September 6, 2009

Dear Yakima County,

I have lived and voted in Seattle for the past eight years, and although I have, for the duration of this excursion to South America, asked that my mail be forwarded to my parents’ address, I do not live there.  I am, in fact, at the beginning of a journey of unknown termination more than 4500 miles from the Yakima Country Courthouse and will not be able to report to jury duty anytime soon.

Please consider this blog, inclusive of photos, to be sufficient proof of my whereabouts, though I will be happy to provide you with written assurances in the form of letters from authentic Peruvians, if need be.


Jessie Leigh Kwak



  1. Here, here!! Or, as in your case, There, there!

  2. … Won’t even fly back to fulfill your democratic duty to your peers …

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