Posted by: Jessie Kwak | September 21, 2009

Hi again, Lima!

We find ourselves once again in Lima after we didn’t get tickets to Huaraz last night. It’s a nice feeling, really, to be back in the Big City. Things are open at reasonable (Seattle) hours, the restaurants aren’t always out of what you want to order, and we know our way around.

We’ve learned a few lessons in the last days, as well–the main and obvious one being that you should book your tickets ahead of time. A simple lesson, simply learned.

The second lesson we learned was that people don’t always tell you the truth if it would benefit them not to. We stopped by the bus terminal to see what times the bus left for Lima, and were told that if we returned at 1pm we could buy tickets for a bus that left at 2pm. When we showed up, however, we were told by other people that the last buses to Lima left at noon, and that now our only option was to cram like sardines into the backseat of a taxi van. Half the comfort level and twice the price.

We suspect that the man who first told us about the bus schedule worked for the taxi company, which leaves us with this important advice:

Always ask more than one person, unless you’re talking to an official (maybe even then).

Staying in Tarma a few hours longer allowed us to witness a pretty adorable parade made up of groups of students from schools in the area. They all marched in military formation, except for the few elementary school kids who were herded down the street dressed in costumes:

Tarma's little princess

Tarma's little princess

There were a few marching bands and drum corps, as well. They looked and sounded pretty good–at least they didn’t have to wear those blue velour cowboy hats that I had to wear in marching band at Wapato High School. (I just spent a few minutes googling for photos of our terrible uniforms, but came up with nothing. Just use your imagination.)

Tarma marching band, sans blue velour cowboy hats

Tarma marching band

We found spots near the end of the parade, and everyone looked pretty exhausted by the time they got to us. It was a hot day, and these kids were getting a workout.

Good form!

Good form!

We’re on to Huaraz tonight, where we plan to stay for a while. John de Chicago told me of a place where I can get good coffee and wifi, so it sounds like I’ll be quite content. See you all there….



  1. No imagination needed on those awkward Wapato band uniforms…just go to my flickr page :)

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