Posted by: Jessie Kwak | September 24, 2009

Chillin’ in Huaraz

We arrived in Huaraz after an overnight bus that was more comfortable than most (Cruz del Sur), but which still was pretty excruciating. Rob actually got some sleep, but I had a lot of trouble–completely flipped from our normal bus routine.

Huaraz is lovely, set against the snow-covered peaks of the beautiful Cordillera Blanca. We’ve spent the past two days exploring the city and the surrounding countryside, and tomorrow we leave to go on the Santa Cruz trek, which will take us through the northern part of the cordillera.

Beautiful Huaraz

Beautiful Huaraz

After a few weeks of nothing but cities, I’m definitely looking forward to “getting away from it all.” We’re going with Galaxia Tours, and they’ve promised us delicious camp food, beautiful vistas, and donkeys. I’ve gotten accustomed to some pretty gourmet camp food (see the header of our blog…), so I’m reserving judgment on whether or not they’ll be able to wow me.

Today we rented a couple of mountain bikes from our hostel, threw them on top of a bus, and followed the directions of a hand-drawn map. While it wasn’t the single-track adventure Rob was looking for, I had quite enough adventure as it was for my first time. The bikes weren’t in the greatest shape, which made Rob happy because it meant he had a chance to break out his mini bike tool kit:

Rob's itty-bitty bike kit

Rob's itty-bitty bike kit

He wrenched away for about a half-hour…

Wrenching Robert

Wrenching Robert

…until he figured we were good to go. Bombs away!

Jessie and Rob find some bikes and take off down the trail

Jessie and Rob find some bikes and take off down the trail



  1. so glad you made it to Huaraz. Have a great time on the Santa Cruz trek! If by some strange chance you get Daniel as your guide, tell him hi for me :) Looking forward to the photos

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