Posted by: Jessie Kwak | October 2, 2009

Back to sea level

We’ve taken a little hiatus over the past few days, not because we’ve been busy, but because we’ve been doing absolutely nothing. Thanks for bearing with us.

We arrived in Huanchaco via an overnight bus from Huaraz yesterday morning. We’d been sold on it by a friend we met at our hostel, who said it was a great place for some low-key relaxation. Turns out she was exactly right.

Sunset at Huanchaco

Sunset at Huanchaco

Huanchaco is a little beachside community a few km north of Trujillo. The main strip along the beach is populated by surfers, surf shops, and seafood restaurants, but if you walk back just a few streets it looks like any other Peruvian town, just more weatherbeaten. There is a ton of construction going on–I read somewhere it’s Peru’s fastest-growing city–but the damp coastal weather takes its toll. We constantly come across unfinished walls where patches of the not-yet-painted brick have began to erode, the softer brick being scoured out of the mortar by wind and rain until the only thing holding up the wall is a lattice-work of gray cement.

I’ve been struggling to get over a cold for the past few days (thanks, Santa Cruz trek!), and I was hoping some warm summer beach weather would help me out. Turns out it’s still spring here, and the weather’s not all that warm, but my cold is progressing slowly through its stages and I should be better soon. We plan to go bodyboarding today, and then to catch a reggae show tonight–guess that means I should take a nap!

I’ll be back with some more coherent thoughts on Huanchaco later….



  1. *Thanks, Santa Cruz trek* ;) We’re sick too! Oh well. We also headed for a place where to do nothing and get better, but in the opposite direction (Huacachina and Ica), although we did do a bit of wine tasting and some sandboarding. Off to Arequipa tonight, hopefully we’ll run into you again later!

  2. Cheers! Have fun doing nothing, it can be really great!

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