Posted by: Jessie Kwak | October 3, 2009

When we decide to do nothing…

…we do it really well.

We’ve been in Huanchaco for a lot of days, now. Four or five, I think. I can’t remember anymore.

We’ve eaten some good food, watched some nice waves, drank a fair amount of Trujillo, surfed the web, ate some more food, slept a bunch. After a month on the road it’s been awesome to find a place like this where we can just relax without feeling too guilty about doing nothing, because there’s not a whole lot here to do.

Granted, we could have filled our days with trips to ruins, beach parties, and surfing lessons, but between my cold and (today) Rob’s bad stomach we’ve just been so much more content to laze around, letting our bodies catch back up with us.

My cold is in its final stages of hacking and sniffing, and today we were going to move on to Trujillo where we had a couch surfing appointment lined up, but last night Rob ate something that didn’t agree with him and he’s spending the day in bed.

Rock-solid bed at Hostal Naylamp

Rock-solid bed at Hostal Naylamp

It’s a nice room in a really nice, chill hostel where they seem to eerily know exactly what you need before you ask. This morning when someone knocked on our door to ask if we wanted the room cleaned I told them that Rob was out of commission, and two minutes later he came back with a cup of coca tea. It’s right on the beach, which means that you can hear the waves crashing all night long, something I’ve rarely experienced. We’ve gone out every night at sunset to just sit and watch the waves; it never gets old.

Huanchaco sunset

Huanchaco sunset

We do have plans to continue on our trip somewhere. I don’t remember where, though. I think there was something about Ecuador and Cheryle and the beach…. Maybe some ruins over in the east somewhere. Maybe if I go take a nap it’ll come back to me….

I heart Huanchaco.


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