Posted by: Jessie Kwak | October 17, 2009

Thunder and lightening!

Please excuse our little posting hiatus, we’ve been having some trouble here in Chachapoyas due to thunderstorms that have cut out power to a lot of places. The internet cafes that are still open are slow as molassas and keep crashing, so it probably won’t be until tomorrow that we get a solid post up.
We’ve been doing a lot here in Chachapoyas beside getting rained on, though, so stay tuned for more installments of our action-packed adventure.


We’re on our way to Chiclayo tonight, where we’ll watch more fútbol and do some couch surfing, after which we’ll be on our way to Lima for OKTOBERFEST!!  (Industrias de Tomás — Av. Agustín La Rosa Toro Nº 1151, San Borja. Lima – Perú)


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