Posted by: Jessie Kwak | October 27, 2009

A new plan

We haven’t really had a plan, beyond the rough itinerary drawn up by football games and exploration of ruins.  We’ve vaguely been thinking that we would head south from here (Lima, again), and find a place to volunteer in Bolivia in order to lie low for a month or so until Mama and Papa Kwak arrive in December.

Once we arrived in Lima, however, Rob got a long-awaited response to last month’s email to an organization in Trujillo called Fairmail, asking him to come volunteer with them.

This will be just what we’ve both been looking for–an opportunity for me to catch up on all the writing that I’ve been wanting to do, and an opportunity for Rob to work with kids and cameras.  We’ll be staying in Huanchaco, which I experienced in a daze of head-cold last time.  I remember liking it, though, and it’ll be getting warmer as summer heats up.

We’re going back north on an overnight bus tonight, and we’ll keep you updated on this latest twist in our wanderings.  Cheers!





  1. Awesome! That sounds great, and I’m really glad that you guys are finding something worthwhile to do in Peru.

    (I mean, worthwhile in a different sense than taking great photographs and writing jealousy-inspiring blog posts.)

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