Posted by: Jessie Kwak | October 28, 2009

Apartment hunting in Huanchaco

The sleepy little town I remember from our September visit is all grown up and coming into the full bloom of summer.  The once-empty sidewalks are teeming with bare-chested youths, beers in hand, and the waves are crowded with surfers.

After an especially long overnight trip (we broke down at 1:30 am and had to wait for another bus, which took us to Chimbote, where we were shuffled onto yet another bus), we arrived at Hostal Naylamp.  It’s just as tranquil as we remembered, its staff just as helpful and not-bizarre.

Our plan was to find an apartment for the next six weeks while volunteering for Fairmail, so today we hit the streets.  We followed a series of wild trails by asking a couple of the surf shop owners and a cafe owner.  Either business is slow or we look like we’ll get lost, because everyone we asked insisted on accompanying us to whatever available space they had heard of.  Memo from Wave Surf Shop (whom we met on our last visit) led us from place to place

Apparently in summer everything fills up and gets more expensive, so it’s a good thing we’re looking now.  We’ve got a good lead on a place that we’re going to confirm tonight.  Can’t wait to post from our new “home!”

Fingers crossed….



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