Posted by: Jessie Kwak | October 30, 2009

Peruvian microbrews at de Tomás’s Oktoberfest

We met Eduardo de Tomás back in September, and he invited us back for Oktoberfest this past weekend, October 24th.  It was held at his ceviche restaurant/brewery in San Borja, and he told me that the theme would be pairing ceviche with beer.


De Tomás tap handles

I was expecting a little more focus on the public’s awareness and enjoyment of microbrews, but it was more oriented toward the brewers themselves, and we were some of the only civilians in the restaurant who hadn’t just wandered in for lunch.

There were four other brewers there besides de Tomás, and three of them brewed on his system.  The fourth was Cerveceria Andina from Huancayo, represented by the fine pair Francisco and Lorenzo.

We arrived around noon and made the rounds.  First we met Tony, the son of Hugo Aldon Ochoa, brewmaster of Brasserie Aldon.  Tony gave us hefty samples of a nice pale ale and a malty, sweet amber.  Next we met Christian Leyva Prieto, brewmaster of Prusia Bier.  He was also pouring a pale, though his had a bit more of a bite to it.  He told us that he sells his beer primarily in Pozuzo, a predominantly German settlement in the Peruvian Amazon.  Lastly we sampled another pale and a porter from Luis Estrada Anicama of Cerveza La Porteña.  The porter was a little light and too sweet for me, but Rob got a pint of the pale, which had a nice hoppy nutty finish.


Luis pours us a "chopp" of pale ale.

I finally got to taste de Tomás’s Premium beer, a lightly hoppy unfiltered ale.  It was pretty tasty, but like all the Peruvian microbrews we’ve tasted it had a sour citrusy flavor, which I assume is the hops.  When we visited Cerveceria Andina Francisco showed me the Saaz hop pellets they buy from Spain, and they had a quite powerful citrus scent.  More common even than hop pellets is cans of hop paste.  I didn’t get a chance to smell the paste, but I wonder if that’s partly the culprit?

After we’d made the rounds and met all the brewers, chairs were set up for a presentation.  After a few brief words of welcome we found ourselves sitting through a presentation of an international company who sold various additives for home-brewing and micro-brewing.  They went on at length about their products for foam reduction, foam retention, clarification, yeast nutrition, anti-oxidization….  *yawn*.  Pretty boring for the uninitiated following along in Spanish, and pretty strange considering that nearly everyone I talked to there (including de Tomás) bragged that their beers were all-natural and had only four ingredients:  malts, water, hops and yeast.  I wonder if they sold any of their super-products.


That's a lotta tubes.




  1. Wow The girl loves a beer..

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