Posted by: robertkittilson | November 3, 2009

Photo: Nov. 3rd 2009

Photo taken Sept. 3rd 2009, in Lima Peru

Memories of Lima



  1. Guys! I need to know where this photo was taken as I am taking 3 buses to Ate where I am shooting a project and live near Chorillos. This photo makes it evident (by my logic!) that there is a bus that does this route..and ive tried to find out previously to no avail. Any hints on the street it was taken?

    Again, loving the blog

    • Well Brenden, we have discussed it and we believe the photo was taken on Prado near Arequipa. Not Javier Pardo, but Prado. I think we were in the shadow of the new Westin tower they are building. This photo was revived out of the rejected pile for the photo of the day, so my memory on it is a bit hazy… However the sanitation worker has San Isidro on his uniform and that helped us Zero it in.
      Good Luck,
      Robert and Jessie

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