Posted by: robertkittilson | November 8, 2009

Peru w/ 3 Lenses: Market Time.

A controlled power outage in all of Huanchaco has delayed this post about ten hours. You may now revel in its glory.

Welcome to the Market. Peru’s markets are a great place to get food, supplies and even voodoo remedies. They offer a look back in time, and yet their currents still run deep within the community. For two months we have observed and participated in the craziness, and I am now just beginning to feel the pulse. I will show you here what crossed my vision in the myriad of underworlds called, in Peru, the Mercado.

Bike market.

All markets start small


The long and skinny Tarma market stretches off into the distance.

Long and skinny

Low clearance

Low clearance

Outside light coming in.

Light and sweet

Everything you could need can be found at the Market

Everything you could need can be found at the Market


Olives and Jessie

Apples and Jessie.

Apples and Jessie



Fake flowers bring light to the darkness.

Fake flowers bring light to the darkness

What'chu want, I got it.

What'chu want, I got it

A look down into a ceviche restaurant stall in the Lima markets.


Baby ducks in cages on the Trujillo roadside, waiting for their next meal. Sooner or later they will be a meal.

Tough guy, then, food

Two chickens severed in half hang by stainless steel hooks in the Chiclayo market.

The inside scoop... Chicken

Dead fish a the fish market in Lima. The are beautiful and they look fresh.

Bonito Fresco

Guinea Pigs in detention on many floors at the Trujillo market

Kathy Kwak said: Dinner, anyone?

Huge clear bags of fruit loop style breakfast cereal.

Breakfast now makes me sick

Many large tarp like bags, open at the top, hold different styles of white rice and a few other light colored grains.

Not your supermarket varieties

Vendor in his larger size unit selling grains and growing supplies.

Where you from

A line of people selling food and sodas at a Chiclayo Juan Aurich Futbol game.

Even at the game

Multi colored brooms bristle in the afternoon light.

Chose. No you chose.


Once outside of the trujillo market we ran into a huge street market not in the confines of the regular market. It was mobbed with people.

Adjacent to the Market.

Photo Essay.
Flicker Page.
Slide show.






  1. Great shots. I am preparing for my trip in May. Which lenses did you walk with? I am carrying my 70-300mm, 85mm (my favorite right now), and a third – TBD. For the shots you wanted, what do you recommend?

    • I walked with three lenses. A 20mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4 and my work horse, a 70-200L F4 telefoto-zoom. It is not the image stabilizer kind, but it is lighter and smaller and sharp. Next time I think I will replace my 50mm with a fast 24-135 or something, but I will probably still bring the 50 along.

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