Posted by: robertkittilson | November 30, 2009

Peru w/ 3 Lenses: Huanchaco

Wow! what a great weekend. This Photo essay is a day late because we had to go to Ecuador to renew our tourist visas. The jump off point for that is a town called Tumbes, and the power was out there all day Sunday. So, once we got our stamps we headed directly for a place called Mancora. Mancora is a party town with one great wave and a perfect beach. Also no power hence no post.
P.S. The water is warm here!!! Enjoy this Photo Essay about Huanchaco.

The way to travel in Huanchaco

The Menu

Peruvian Legos

Muchik surf school official vehicle


fans of KnK Explore


Little market



The End

Flickr Slide Show

Flickr Page

Photographs page




  1. Great photos Jessie!

  2. Nice work.

  3. Hi guys,

    Meant to write to you ages ago but have now found the time! I am really enjoying your posts and the essay are fantistic both for the insights and artistic merit. A fantastic accompaniment to my morning coffee, thanks!

  4. just re-read – sorry for typos!

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