Posted by: robertkittilson | December 2, 2009

Midweek Snack: El Anzuel and Chicharron de Pescado

Welcome to the Midweek Snack, a weekly feature in which Jessie and I will explore Peruvian cuisine. Each week this might take the form of a restaurant review, a featured regional dish, an interview with a local chef, or a recipe. From time to time we’ll also write broader pieces, which we’ll call “Peruvian Cuisine 101.”

In today’s episode: El Anzuel and Chicharron de Pescado

I thought I would start this weeks Midweek Snack with a photo…

Chicharron de Pescado
No that we are all salivating, let us move on.

We have enjoyed this plate at El Anzuel (730 Av. Victor Larco, Huanchaco Peru) a few times now and have lusted for it since the first taste. Other restaurants, almost all, serve this dish, but no one else in Peru can stand up to the Heavenly pillows of deep fried goodness that are produced here in Huanchaco.

I followed this dish from beginning to end in an attempt, as always, to get the secrets about a dish and then make it myself. This dish is relatively simple, but oooooooh so good.

Yucca is a staple in peru and comes as a compliment on many dishes. However it is poisonous unless you boil the stuffing out of it. So if you try this at home, please be thorough.

The process of frying Yucca

First, Pour a bunch of oil into a big pan and heat it up and fry the Yucca. While you are doing this you can watch excerpts of X-Files or you can bread the fish. I suggest breading the fish so you can eat it sooner, but that is just my stomach typing. The fish El Anzuel uses are cut in chunks that measure 5x3x3 centimeters.

Breading the Fish

Once breaded, fry that fish buddy. The cook fried the fish for five to seven minutes until the batter had become Bien Dorado (Well Golden).

Fry that Fish

I had a hard time keeping control of my urge to dive in to the hot, still sizzling, chunks of delight. Looking through the lens offers a slight detachment that probably saved me from burning my mouth.

Serving up the delicious heavenly pillows of deep fried goodness

Serve over a nice bed of Yucca and some veggies, for color, and very soon your belly will be full and your addiction satisfied, for a minute of two at least. Yum.

The final presentation of Chicharron de Pescado at El Anzuel in Huanchaco Peru

The Chicharron de Pescado here at El Anzuel cost S/.18 or about Seven dollars. Dishes ranged from S/.16 to S/.38 with most around twenty soles. Based on this, I would say that it is the quality and quantity of each dish that makes it a bit more pricy, not just the beach front location.

Store front at El Anzuel in Huanchaco Peru

We spoke with the owners mother, Hayde Bracamonte Flores, and she was a very kind and helpful person with the stern look of a hardened book keeper.

Hayde Bracamonte Flores

After a quick food coma we headed out for a bit of Ice cream to kick off the second half of the day. Cheers!


Jessie in a food coma


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