Posted by: Jessie Kwak | December 3, 2009

November retrospective

Three months in Peru, already?

For those of you who are new to the blog, who were snoozing, or merely just can’t get enough of what the Kittilson-Kwak team is up to (have you been wondering what KnK Explore meant?), we put together a little retrospective on the month of November.


This has been a good month full of catching up and thinking ahead, and saving money. Summer’s been heating up in Huanchaco, and it seems like every day there are more and more tourists in the street—both Peruvian and foreign. On sunny weekends, especially, the beaches fill up—I wrote about the contrast between the weekends and the weekdays, but really at any time you can find people walking the beach.

We’ve been diving into our new home a bit more, visiting the local sights such as the temple of Arco Iris or the Casonas Antiguas of Trujillo, talking with one of Huanchaco’s oldest families, and just sittin’ around the front porch.


Volunteering has been going well. I haven’t written much about it because we’ve still been getting into the groove of things, but the problem with volunteering for such a short amount of time is that once you get in the groove you’ve got to move along.

Fairmail has eight students right now, five girls and three boys. Some are more advanced than others, and it’s been a challenge to find a teaching style that works for such a group. Mostly we’ve just been dealing with each kid individually, downloading their homework photos and discussing them with the kid, then sending them out to take more.

We’re both learning more Spanish by the day—useful phrases like “tiempo de obturadora” (shutter speed).

We’ll be putting together a photo essay from the kids soon so you can see who we’re dealing with here.

Speaking of….


Rob’s been busy at work since we introduced Peru With Three Lenses, our Sunday photo essay feature. In case you missed any, here they are:


The final presentation of Chicharron de Pescado at El Anzuel in Huanchaco Peru

We also launched the Midweek Snack this month, which has forced us to go out and eat a lot of delicious food for the sake of documentation. We’ve explained how the Peruvian “set menu” works, then how to make cancha. We’ve also paid visits to a couple of our favorite Huanchaco restaurants, including Generous Sandwich and El Anzuel.


We’re looking toward the future here, at creating a site aimed toward providing information to travelers of the type that we are—folks getting off the beaten path, looking for information on places that aren’t listed in guidebooks or for whom the information is scarce.

The idea is still fermenting in our heads, but we’ll let you know more when we have a better grasp. But for now look for a new and improved KnK Explore in January. It’ll still have the writing and photos you know and love, but with better organization and more deliberately useful articles and information.

Our plan is to fly home in March in order to make some more money, then return to Peru sometime around November 2010 to continue gathering information about travel, and to see everything we haven’t gotten to yet!


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