Posted by: Jessie Kwak | December 8, 2009

Things we’ve come to like after three months in Peru

Every culture has different tastes, be it a preference for salty, sweet, spicy…. (Or awful combinations, such as the Dutch candy Double Zout or that horrifying cayenne-tamarind stuff you find in Mexican candy aisles). A good barometer of these tastes is to try the Fanta that’s manufactured in the country you’re in. Peru’s is predictably sugar-filled.

Sometimes you can’t ever get used to the odd tastes of supposedly familiar foods (such as the freakishly magenta “ketchup” that Peruvians keep giving us), but sometimes they start to grow on you. Rob and I each compiled a list of things we never liked all that much, which we now find to be delicious.


  • Tea (black, with sugar). After months of getting it for breakfast, he’s actually become fond of it.
  • Sweet bread. It’s sort of the only kind Peru has.
  • Fish. When it’s so fresh and in every menu, it’s hard not to like it!
  • Sugar! Alright, he already liked sweets. But here it’s in everything.


  • Mayonnaise. In Peru it comes standard with a light lime flavor. Amazing!
  • Soup. A standard first course in “menu” restaurants–add a squeeze of lime, and yum, yum, yum.
  • Red onions. In Peru they marinate thin-sliced red onions in lime juice and serve them as a salad.
  • Snowcones. No lime in these, but we found some made with real fresh fruit. Divine!

And now I’m hungry….


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