Posted by: robertkittilson | December 9, 2009

Midweek Snack: Raspadillas Dante


Perfection is what I desire, so when we stumbled across these, I knew I needed nothing more in life. The snow-cup, you might call it, comes with your choice of flavors: Strawberry (fresa), Mango, Tamerind, Guanábana, Mint, Piña, Limón (Lime). Forget about those High Fructose corn syrup mixed with some kind of chemical snow cones of your past, Dante’s has only fresh squeezed freshly pureed freshly sugared tasty goodness.


We met Dante for the first time near the beach when contemplating the ice cream in the ice cream shop across the street. I said, “Jessie, we should stop eating all of this ice cream, it is bad for our health.” So, we called on Dante and a Woman, who seemed to be running the show, to fulfill our needs. Dante did the scoopin’ and She did the pourin’. Jessie remembered seeing their cart being painted and fixed in the street near our appartment, and then so did I. They seemed busy, so I ordered a Fresa solo and Jessie experimented with a Mango and Coconut, telling ourselves that we must return and maybe write about it. Interesting.


Yesterday, I snuck out under the pretext of “Internet cafe/photo upload” and sampled their goods again, Fresa with Coco. And it was good.


Today we stopped by their permanent location across from the city Municipality. Dante was working solo, but there always seems to be a good group of people hanging out whenever we walk by. It quickly became obvious that Dante’s spot was the spot for locals and expats alike to re-fresh in a very fresh-fruit way. He told us his Mother has been doing this same thing for 40 Years. 40 Years, that is a lot to think about for a traveler. Back to the Solo Fresa for me and a Mango Coco for Jessie and just for fun a Limón (Lime) and Coconut for us (me.) They were great. And so is the sugar high.



  1. Aah reminds me of shave ice in Hawai’i. On north shore trips especially, they like it with ‘seeds’ a cured mango or whatevahs pit inside as a salty aftertaste.
    Kewl blog guys! I’m checking in every couple days still!

  2. […] and food. Their weekly writeup on a Peruvian snack is testament to this fact. Robert’s latest ode to the snow cup is amusing and my mouth is just drooling before I can even finish reading […]

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