Posted by: Jessie Kwak | January 11, 2010

Eight down, Eight to go

We’re still chipping away at our mission to hit all sixteen cultural sites on the Cusco Boleto Turistico (Tourist Ticket). We lost a day to food poising on my part (that day had to come at some point, right?), and we also lost some quality time to American football and American beer.

But we have persevered. We took a full four days to explore the hills above Cusco (only netting us four stamps total). Although the closer, more popular sites like Saqsyhuayman are pretty crowded, we took a couple of long walks through the countryside and found bits of terracing, carved stones, aqueducts and more. We also found hailstorms (see yesterday’s post).

The weekend was interrupted by a visit to an American guy, Aaron, who brews his own beer in Cusco. He treated us to a delicious Honey Porter, a quite tasty attempt at cloning Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, and a preview of a Belgian Strong Ale that he’s in the process of conditioning. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

He also treated us to something that Rob’s been craving as much as I’ve been craving hops: American Football. We’re both feeling better now.

Today we pressed on with our quest, visiting the rather fascinating terraces/irrigation experiment of Tipón, the Wari settlement of Pikillacta, the Monument to Pachacutec, and the Contemporary Art Museum. The first two were fascinating, the third not much more than a tourist trap, and the last had some surprisingly good work in it. Look for a full account of the sixteen cultural sites coming soon.

We’re heading out tomorrow for the Sacred Valley, and we’re not sure hew much time we’ll be there or how often we’ll get to the internet. If you get bored, just watch that hailstorm video again. (And thanks for leaving us that poncho, Mom and Dad. It was a lifesaver.).


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