Posted by: Jessie Kwak | January 26, 2010

Yet another Cusco rain news roundup

More news about the rains in Cusco. Just a few links this time, and a glance at El Diario’s front page:

El Diario's front page, with images of Pisac flooding

(click to see full size)



  1. Hi Jesse – I’m friends with Emily Kojis, and she suggested awhile ago that I follow you’re blog as I’m traveling to Peru with my husband in March. Obviously, the rain and mudslides might put a “damper” on my honeymoon. Do you think Machu Picchu will be open again in 6 weeks, or should we look into traveling elsewhere in south america? Let me know your honest opinion, and I hope that you are doing alright and safe from all this mess! Jillian

    • Hi Jillian–This is the rainy season, so although it’s more crazy than normal, they are prepared to deal with these sorts of problems on a regular basis. I can’t imagine that a money-maker like Machu Picchu would stay closed for too much longer!

      Even were that the case, Peru has been awesome to travel in. Had we not seen Machu Picchu I would still say that this trip has been fantastic, and all the other sights we did see outweigh that one experience, however beautiful it may have been. What I’m trying to say is buy your tickets for Peru, and even if you end up missing MP (which seems unlikely), there will be other adventures waiting for you in other parts of the country.

      Have fun, and congrats on the wedding! Peru is a great place for a honeymoon!

    • Jillian
      Be smart and do some more reseach….the reason for the rain pelting Peru and giving it it’s crazy weather is becuase of the change in ocean currents callled “El Nino” . Read up on it before you do anything. The coast, normally a desert and without rain, is getting rain and is cold. Areas like Cuszco are flooding. Mosquitos and zanudos(other skin biters) are when then weren’t. It can be miserable. Peru doesn’t have the infrastructure to deal with things like this…still. Things like roads getting closed and rain entering your hotel room are common. Your friend Jessie doesn’t think they will keep MP closed because it makes money….but the train to get to MP runs along the river at the same level. So if the rivers rise……how do you get to MP? Think about it and be careful no matter what you do.
      paz y safe travels

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