Posted by: robertkittilson | February 3, 2010

Photo: Feb. 3 2010

This guy chatted with us the whole way from Urubamba to Pisac. I felt bad for the rest of the passengers who must be thinking ‘Pay attention to the road you crazy Idiot!’ and ‘stop talking to those damn gringos!’, but we really bonded with this gentleman who makes only 30 or 40 Soles each day. He would ask ‘how much do bus drivers make in los Estados Unitos?’ Well… I had seen ads back in Seattle for Metro bus drivers starting at $15 an hour. ‘Loco’, he said. ‘Loco’, I agreed.
Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name. I really didn’t understand it when he said it, and when he repeated it, and then when he repeated it again. I feel bad and I hope he is doing ok.
Here is to you man.

Bus driver, whats-his-name.


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