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Jessie Kwak


I am a farm girl who moved to the big city, and then just kept right on moving.  I call Seattle my home, but I’m really quite happy traveling, hiking, and camping anywhere in South America with my husband and partner, photographer Robert Kittilson.

I believe that travel connects people in powerful ways, and that the more the world mixes and interracts the better. I am a contributor to Living in Peru, and have an article forthcoming in ParentMap Magazine.

Contact: jessiekwak @ gmail.com

“Andes Mountain Adventure Train” on Indie Travel Podcast.

“Gruta de Guagapo”
on Living In Peru
“Back road from Cajamarca to Chachapoyas” on Living In Peru
“Kuelap, Ancient Fortress of Mysteries” on Living in Peru
“Discovering Trujillo’s Casonas Antiguas” on Living in Peru
“Three Days Without Beer:  Democracy in Venezuela” for VillageWit.org

Robert Kittilson
Robert Kittilson

I am an Ex-Bike Messenger turned freelance photographer based out of Seattle, currently traveling with my wife and partner, writer Jessie Kwak, throughout South America in search of Fútbol Jerseys and unique bicycles. I have been riding and crashing bicycles from an early age, and having had the opportunity to work and support myself on a bicycle gives me a unique perspective in a country where many people support their families by cycling.

Also, the recent addition to the MLS of the Seattle Sounders has only made me a bigger futbol/soccer fan. Futbol here in S.A. is crazy big and it is a goal of mine to see as many matches as possible, and of course collect jerseys from local and national teams. Very soon I will have to start jettisoning underwear and socks to make room for more jerseys.

As of the 9th of November I am teaching kids photography for a non-profit organization called FairMail and living in the city of Huanchaco just outside of Trujillo.

Photos in “Gruta de Guagapo” on Living In Peru

Photos in “Back road from Cajamarca to Chachapoyas” on Living In Peru

Photograph Gallery – Flickr



  1. Congratulations! Marriage is lots of work but it’s worth it. Hope your union is blessed. Sounds like you are enjoying your gifts and sharing them with us. THANK YOU!

  2. Another awesome writer/photographer couple living out my dreams.

    I’ve been having a read through, and enjoying your post. What a dynamic duo! Looking forward to more.

  3. Whats up guys,

    Hope your trips going well! I’m a fellow Seattilite heading down to Peru on the 16th of Jan and making my way over to Buenos Aires. Like the blog by the way. Let me know if you guys want to meet up for a beer somewhere in S.America. I’m a writer as well and will be blogging daily about my trip at http://www.livingbueno.com, best of luck in your travels!

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