Is there such a thing as good beer in South America?  Will Jessie wander this continent with her cravings for hops unsatisfied?

On this blog we will document our search for Microbrews Of Quality.  Stay tuned for updates, and think of us whenever you order an imperial IPA.

Jessie Kwak’s post about Oktoberfest at De Tomas in Lima.

Our new favorite place in Lima, Chez Philippe.


Beers we have drank:


Cerveceria de Tomás


Cerveceria Andina


Cusqueña Quara


Cerveza Tipica



  1. Fan-frickin-tastic! Salud!

  2. […] Beer […]

  3. What an enjoyable blog! You come across some dud blogs and there are so many but I thoroughly enjoy your words and experiences. Cheers

  4. although we might not be there on the 24th, we are definitely going to try to hit up Cerveceria de Tomás when we pass back through lima in a couple days… also, if you think it´s appropriate, could you let me know who the homebrewer is in cuzco and maybe his/her contact info?

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