Industrias de Tomás

On Monday the 7th, Robert and I headed over to the the Cevicheria and Cerveceria de Tomás (two of my favorite things under one roof!), where Señor de Tomás was kind enough to meet us for a beer tasting and brewery tour.

With the help of his daughter Silvia we muddled our way through an interview conducted entirely in Spanish. The decent-sized tastes of beer that Silvia kept bringing us certainly helped to improve my confidence with the language, at least for the first hour or so!



Five years ago the industrial beer manufacturers of Peru had no competition, but now there are more than thirty craft breweries nationwide fighting to educate and please the collective Peruvian palate. De Tomás’s brewery was among the first, and he is one of the founding members and also the president of the Asociación Cerveceros Artesenales de la República del Perú (Craft Brewers Association of Peru).

De Tomás’s beer is a delicious change from what we’ve become accustomed to drinking here, and of his nine varieties the Porter and the Red really stood out. The Porter was dry, with coffee and chocolate flavors, and the Red had a nice fruity hoppiness to it.  (Both are pictured below). Unfortunately for Jessie’s hop addiction he was out of his Cerveza Premium, which his website describes as an unfiltered golden beer.



De Tomás also makes beers that are flavored with extracts, which are added after the fermentation process–we tried the ones with strawberry, mint and lemon. The colors were garish and the beer was a bit too sweet for me, but I thought the mint would actually be quite nice with some ceviche on a hot day.  Pictured below is the Lemon.


The sodas (gaseosas) that De Tomás also brews are primarily made with local fruits such as chirimoya, maracuya and guanabana, and everything that he brews is all natural, with no preservatives.  He loaded us up with bottles of De Tomás soda and a bottle of De Tomás pilsner before sending us off with a fiery shot of De Tomás Pisco (he is a man of all trades).  Do check this place out if you’re in Lima.




  1. Great stuff, the coffee/chocolate porter sounds delicious!

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