Photo Essay: Mach Picchu

For the last four months we’ve heard nothing but complaints about the amount of people at Machu Picchu. So when Mom and Dad wanted to go, we decided just to rent it out for ourselves. It really wasn’t difficult at all, since everyone in the Peruvian government is a fan of KnK Explore. Thanks to everyone out there who helped make this possible!


We arrived early via our private helicopter, thus bypassing all the protesters and lines of tourists who were unable to enter the site. The roar of the helicopter and the soft blanket of morning fog blocked out their screams of anger as they banged on the gates.

We wandered through the residential area, snapping photos vacant of people wherever we pleased. We noticed that it had started to rain downhill, on the protesters, but for us it was a beautiful, clear day.

What beautiful architecture and construction! To appreciate it, one must truly experience it alone.

What a wonderful day we had, picnicking in the empty ruins with only llamas as company. As the day came to a close we hailed our private pilot, who flew us past the drenched, screaming protesters to our private resort. Hope you enjoyed the day, Mom and Dad. We worked hard to make it a flawless one! And by the way, the bill for the helicopter and resort are in the mail.

Love, Jessie and Robert.

Click below for the…
Machu Picchu Slide Show

Photographs Page


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