Photo Essay: Trujillo Colonial

Trujillo has some history and we are slowly discovering it. Here is a quick photo essay about Trujillo’s colonial past. Check out Jessie’s blog post about our wanderings.


Coat of arms outside of the only remaining part of the permiter wall that once surrounded the city of Trujillo.

Coat of Arms.

A beautiful big courtyard in a original Colonial home in Trujillo, Peru. The building now operates as a private club.


A ornamental door piece just below a old skeleton keyhole.

Lock and she.

Door studs on a centuries old door in downtown Trujillo, Peru.

Door nipples.

Big carved door.

Big door.

Door knocker in the shape of a hand with a ball in it.


Floor of a Colonial home in Trujillo, Peru.


A pillar in a colonial home in Trujillo, Peru.

Pillar of light and shadow

Lion's head knocker on a door in Colonial Trujillo, Peru.

Lion's head

Photographs Page.

Flickr Slide Show.

Flickr Page.


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