This beer is advertised as something that the ladies can drink while their men are drinking Real Beer. The advertising tagline is “Women: the world just wouldn’t be the same without us.” Apparently we’ve got the right to share in voting, to share in wage earning, and now we can also share in the beer drinking.

I have to admit that I think the label is pretty cool.


This is a Cusqueña limited edition, and now I’m curious to find out what else they make. Cusqueña dryhopped IPA? Please?

Tasting notes: Hint of grapefruit on the nose. At first sip you’re assaulted by the shockingly pungent taste of perfume followed by mouth-puckering citrus, all with a smooth finish of toasted wheat. The aftertaste is predictably wretched.

This advertisement irks my feminist sensibilities, but I’ll link to it because it illustrates the absurdity that is Quara….

“The world just isn’t the same without us”



  1. i’m peruvian, i’m a girl and this beer it’s gross.

  2. I love this stuff, and I’m neither Peruvian, nor a girl. (I’m a North American man). I stumbled on this blog googling for a quara website.

    • I’m constantly surprised how many people find our blog by googling Quara! And I’m glad someone likes it, because there’s tons down here on the shelves (and I’ve never seen anyone drink it….) Cheers, and thanks for commenting!

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