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Our Peruvian Futbol journey began in Lima and has taken us over the Northern half of the country. We have now setteled down in Huanchaco, a surfing village neat Trujillo. But, our futbol adventures will continue.

Click on a game photo and be transported to a photo essay of that game.

Juan Aurich, Chiclayo vs. Sporting Cristal, Lima - October 18th 2009

Juan Aurich, Chiclayo vs. Sporting Cristal, Lima - October 18th 2009


Cajamarca UTC vs. Trujillo, Cajamarca - October 11th 2009


Sport Huancayo vs. Alianza Athletico, Huancayo - September 13th 2009


Peru versus Uruguay, Lima - September 9th 2009




  2. Jessie n Robert what a good blog, its very entertaining, i have taken a quick view, reading some posts, its very catching. congratulations. I have one aswell, but nothing like this. i´ll check this out more pacientally.

  3. Amazing photos. Looks like you two are having a fan-ta-bulous time.

  4. Still planning my trip in May. Am I wrong for waiting for the futbol schedule before I plan where I go in the country? I need to catch at least one game.

    And yes, I am SOOOOOOOOOO jealous as well

    • I think you’ll find games no matter what–even though they just finished the season there are still friendlies going on. As far as waiting for the schedule, we had a rough time finding out what game was going on in the *upcoming weekend*, let alone planning farther ahead. We used a combination of googling and reading local papers, and we still ended up in the wrong place and the wrong time more often than not. I just don’t think they know their schedule that well, either…. :)

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